Our values

Our core values shape who we are and how we run our company. As a family business, our generational knowledge and expertise is a fundamental part of our company, as well as curiosity. Curiosity to learn to better ourselves, to be reliable to our customers and to bear responsibility of our environment.


Our promise of reliability extends to all of our services, whether it’s shipping, customer service or our products themselves. We can proudly stand behind everything we do. Makes things easier, doesn’t it?


We have always had the courage to be curious and daring. We want to know, feel, and experience. To keep learning and to operate in the best ways possible. Even though our company is more than a hundred years old, our curiosity keeps us young.


Sustainability is an important value in our operations. By offering fabrics and materials that pass our criteria as durable as well as responsible, we assist our customers in making a more mindful decision. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.


As a century-old family business, our roots run deep. Generations after generations have passed down valuable knowledge, which has turned into our unparalleled expertise. This heritage is a fundamental part of who we are. It can be seen in our style as well – our Nordic roots have a heavy influence on our colours and patterns.