Lauritzon's history is over a hundred years long. In the family business, the feel for fabrics has been passed down from generation to generation, and the business has developed over the years to meet the needs of the time and customers. Today we have an endless passion and curiosity for new materials and colours.


Christian Wilhelm starts work as an apprentice in an upholstery shop in Skåne, Sweden. Because he was treated badly by the manager, Wilhelm wrote a letter to the king. The reply came from the court, suggesting that the talented young man should be treated with respect.

Christian Wilhelm Lauritzon starts his own business. The first shop is on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Eleven years later, in 1911, Lauritzon open a business in Helsinki.



C.W. Lauritzon’s son Sture Lauritzon launches wall-to-wall carpeting in Finland. A notable part of clientele consists of ships, hotels, and boutiques.

Sture knows plenty of wholesale fabric shops in Stockholm and begins to import fabrics, bought by upholsterers from Lauritzon. Sture also continues to develop his father’s upholstery workshop.



Rolle Lauritzon, Sture’s son, sets up a fabric cutting station in Lauritzon’s spaces in Tehtaankatu. It is very well received by the customers, and fabric sales continue to grow. Rolle begins traveling around  Finland and gathering a network of retailers.

Lauritzon’s Shop is opened in Tehtaankatu 24, Helsinki, and it becomes synonymous with excellent customer service and expertise. Lauritzon’s Shop is the life’s work of Sture’s two daughters, Bodil Lauritzon and Inger Lauritzon-Kalpala.



Rolle buys 20 rolls of Alcantara® without asking Sture’s permission – an investment this large causes an argument between the father and son. All 20 rolls are soon sold out.

Lauritzon’s Ateljé is born. Rolle begins to experiment with the warp and weft of fabrics, creating unique colours and designs. Lauritzon begins to design its own patterns, some of which are designed by professor Maarit Salolainen and textile designer Maija Fagerlund.



Lauritzon’s website is launched. It contains each Lauritzon’s fabric photographed, described, and their technical properties displayed.

Linus Lauritzon, like his father before him, begins traveling Finland and Sweden, meeting upholsterers and retailers. Corinne Lauritzon begins working in the Ateljé alongside her father.



Lauritzon’s easycare label is launched, helping customers in choosing a low-maintenance upholstery fabric. A couple of years later, Lauritzon launches its greencare label with an emphasis on sustainability.

Lauritzon’s becomes Lauritzon. We celebrate our 111-years anniversery with our new brand look. Teerisuonkuja 6 is remodeled and the new spaces for the Ateljé and Lauritzon Showroom for retailers are opened.