Regular care, cleaning and proper washing of the fabrics will make them last much longer. Read more information and care instructions of the various fabrics, materials and fibres.

General care

You furniture will remain as good as new for long if you treat it well and keep the fabric clean. Always follow the care and washing instructions of the furniture fabrics. These are provided for each fabric.

Care and usage symbols

By looking after and washing the fabrics correctly, you can extend their usable life considerably. The care and washing instructions are on the fabrics’ care tags in symbols.


Our collections have a range of fabrics to choose from – everything from natural-fibre fabrics that feel pleasant against the skin to durable artificial fabrics. Our collections also include fire-resistant fabrics and fabrics suitable for public premises, as well as ecological fabrics made of recycled fibres.

Textile fibre abbreviations

Textile fibres are presented as abbreviations in the products. Learn more about textile abbreviations here.


Technical information

Our collection consists of high-quality fabrics with carefully researched properties and suitability. By understanding the textile properties, you can select the optimal fabric for each purpose and ensure they are just right for your needs.

Alcantara care

With regular care you can ensure that Alcantara® keeps beautiful for a long time. Wipe the fabric regularly with a soft brush, cloth, or hoover it. Do not rub the material with too much force, and we do not recommend that you use methods involving steam.

Spradling care

Spradling® products have been treated with Permablok3® or Permaguard® products that protect the vinyl from stains, abrasion and bacteria. With regular care and immediate removal of stains you can ensure that the material remains as good as new for a long time.

Morbern care

Modern vinyl fabrics require regular care to stay beautiful and last long. By regular cleaning, dirt or bacteria will not be able to accumulate on the vinyl fabric or form stains, extending the useful life of the fabric.

Artificial leather comparison

Polyurethane is a resin most commonly used for coating various surfaces, while a vinyl fabric is made of two synthetic materials. Read more about the differences in the materials as well as when they are commonly used.