As Spring 2024 approaches, it’s time to take a look at the new trends emerging in the world of textiles. This spring brings a variety of colors, materials, and styles that encourage personality and creativity in interior design.

The color palette brings the freshness of spring to the interior. The peachy hue of “Peach Fuzz” offers a gentle warmth to a space, while soft and natural tones emphasize durability and authenticity in interior decor. Bold use of colors and interesting combinations are currently on-trend. Graphic patterns bring a modern look to the interior and create intriguing edges.

Bold combinations of different surfaces and textures

In terms of materials, soft bouclé continues trending. In addition to valuing softness, natural materials are also highly popular. Contrasts bring interest to interior design, and bold combinations of different surfaces and textures are a great way to creating multidimensional and personalized spaces.

The cornerstones of style trends are personality and coziness. Textiles play a significant role in creating ambiance, and different patterns and colors can add a personal touch to a space. Combining rich patterns and textures with minimalist furniture takes the furniture’s appearance to a whole new level, and it’s definitely worth trying out boldly! We showcased several examples of this in our booth during the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which received very positive feedback and inspired people to enjoy color, shape, and patterns in new ways.

Overall, the textile trends for Spring 2024 offer plenty of opportunities for interior decoration. Whether your style is classic, modern, or bohemian, you’ll surely find inspiration and ideas from these trends for decorating your own home. Remember, interior design is a fun and creative play – so let your imagination soar and make your home exactly as you want it to be!