Cole & Son

Cole & Son represents the peak of traditional wallpaper manufacturing. Since 1873, the company has been manufacturing the wallpapers by the same method. Cole & Son has valuable archive of more than 4000 hand-engraved wallpapers. The company is renowned for its authentic historical collections of wallpapers, but with its new modern collections, it has become the pinnacle of recent-time wallpaper trends. Some of Cole & Son’s iconic patterns are now also available as stunning fabrics.

You can find Cole & Son fabrics from our Showroom.

Cole & Son retailers

  • Helsinki: Aarrelanka, Maricken Shop
  • Pori: Sagan Living
  • Rusko: Loviisan Aitta
  • Tampere: Seinäruusu
  • Turku: Sisustusliike Uniikki