Asteré is dedicated to renowned international artists, who are invited to bring their art to life on walls. The aim of Asteré is to bring art closer to home, taking it out of galleries in order to invite it into the private sphere.  

While discovering the printing techniques that Asteré offer, the artists encounter endless opportunities to find solutions and combine techniques in order to reveal incredible effects: highlighting a golden shine, creating the texture of brushwork…The result is always striking, often creating the impression of a freshly painted painting. 

The collections consist of rhythm, abstraction, layers and colorful motifs and the wallpapers clearly convey the artist’s handprint and brushstrokes. The artists François MascarelloGarance Vallée and the design duo Porter Teleo are behind the design of Asteré’s fantastic wallpaper collections 2020. 

 The Asteré wallpaper collections can be found from Lauritzon´s Showroom. /   


Asteré retailers

  • Helsinki Interior Partners