The Lauritzon family

Roland ”Rolle” Lauritzon

Rolle, the CEO of Lauritzon in the third generation, is the man behind Lauritzon’s own fabric collection and retailer network. Fabrics, colours and rich patterns are close to Rolle’s heart, and founding the fabric editor operations in Lauritzon Ateljé is Rolle’s life’s work. Immersing himself in the creative process, his heritage, and the colours and shapes of garden flowers and the most essential sources of inspiration for Rolle.

Corinne Lauritzon

Corinne is the marketing and creative director of Lauritzon. She is in charge of the operative and strategic development of the company, and works alongside Rolle in the Lauritzon Ateljé designing fabrics. Working with people is important to Corinne – whether it’d be a member of the Lauritzon team, a client, or a business partner, people feel heard and know they’re appreciated with Corinne. Family and the summer house are irreplaceable for the determined and solution-oriented aesthete. If there were more hours in the day, Corinne would paint, do yoga, and crafts more often.

Linus Lauritzon

Linus is the sales director of Lauritzon. He has worked in the company since he was 23 years old, beginning his career traveling around Finland and Sweden, meeting retailers and upholsterers. Linus enjoys working with his clients – a satisfied customer is the best reward he can achieve in his work. When not working, Linus can be found at his summer house in the archipelago or on an adventure abroad.