Maglia is made from vinyl, but has a fabric like textured look.

Bredd: 137 cm
Vikt: 680 g/m2
Slitstyrka: 100.000 Martindale
Brandklass: EN 1021 Part 1 & 2, SL1
Komposition: 100% Vinyl, Urethan topplack


Use mild soap and a white damp cloth to clean or special cleaning products for vinyl fabrics. Please note that strong cleaning products may cause immediate permanent damage to the fabric. The vinyl should be cleansed periodically in order to maintain its appearance and prevent build-up dirt.

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Fire retardant Maglia is phthalate free upholstery material and it’s suitable for contract, marine, outdoors, and for home as well. Maglia is made from vinyl, but has a fabric like textured look. Due to various finishings Maglia is anti-static, anti-bacterial and very durable.

Maglia has been treated with Permablok 3 -finishing which protects the fabric from abrasion, germs and stains. The material endures well in chill temperatures, but when below -15°c degrees som cracking may occur.

Maglia’s Hi-Loft²™ backing is knitted from 100% polyester yarn. Together with vinyls, the Hi-Loft²™ backing creates a soft hand quality which is achieved without sacrificing product performance. Adhesion, tear strength, and stretch strength properties are improved. The backing also makes the material easy to sew.