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Modernt och livligt

Bredd: 140 cm ± 2 cm
Vikt: 540 g/m2
Slitstyrka: 30.000 Martindale
Pilling: 4/5
Brandklass: EN 1021-1, SL2
Komposition: 65 % PAN, 35 % PES


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Gina is a modern and textured woven upholstery fabric. The multicolored weft yarns create a nice and colorful appearance to the fabric. The fabric also has a subtle shine which adds up intensity to the fabric colors. Gina is well suited for upholstering furniture, cushions and loose covers.

 Care and wash instructions

Washing by hand or machine wash in cold water 30°c with bleach free detergent. Do not use a brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush because it can damage the surface of the fabric. Avoid direct sunlight.

page1image40256Hand washing: Soak the fabric in a mix of warm water and mild soap and wash the fabric without rubbing. Use a sponge if necessary. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Dry flat, lay out horizontally. For drying do not use a hair dryer or any kind of heater.
Iron with low heat from backside of the fabric.