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Alcantara Multilayer

Hållbar och tidlös 

Bredd: 142 cm
Vikt: 390 ± 60 g/m2
Slitstyrka: 150.000 Martindale
ljusäkhet: >5/8 blue scale
Brandklass: EN 1021-1, SL2
Komposition: 71% PES, 29% PU


The fabric can be vacuum cleaned or swiped with a damp cloth. Delicately remove stains and dirt immediately after staining. Avoid excessive rubbing. Wash with a mild soap or detergents specifically made for Alcantara.

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Alcantara Multilayer is a very durable upholstery material and easy to maintain, which makes it well suitable for families and people with pets. The fabric has a soft suede like surface, which doesn’t leave any scuff marks. The fabric does not collect dust and therefore it’s suitable for people with allergies. Alcantara Shape’s extensive color chart is full of neutral and bright shades to many tastes.

The fabric is Oekotex certified material and no harmful chemicals or finishes have been used in the fabric. Alcantara is also a carbon neutral material.

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  • Hållbar och tidlös
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  • Koldioxidneutral & Oeko Tex®-certifierad