Fantastic and vibrant Minú upholstery fabric is 100% cotton. Minú fabric's unique, vivid surface comes from stone washing.

Width: 140 cm
Abrasion: 35 000 Martindale
Pilling: 4/5
Flame Resistance:: EN 1021-part 1, (SL2)
Composition: 100% CO
Design: Studio Lauritzon´s

Washing Instructions

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Product Description

Fantastic and vibrant Minú upholstery fabric is 100% cotton. Minú fabric’s unique, vivid surface comes from stone washing. Due to stone washing, the look of the fabric between each production batch may differ.

Color 025  is about to be removed from our selection. Please check the availability.


Care and wash instructions

All fabrics made from natural fibres are more delicate than synthetic ones. Carefully pay attention to the following care tips and features.

Wash Minú fabric very gently. To avoid streaking we recommend using washing machine´s hand wash programme or taking the fabric for dry cleaning to a landry service. Streaking may occur especially in darker colours. We do not recommend high spinning speed. For the same reason do not load the machine too full. It is better to always wash in smaller quantities, with plenty of water. Larger items, such as loose furniture covers, should be washed in a separate container or taken to a laundry service for washing. If the fabric is washed at a laundry service, it is safest to choose dry cleaning.

Because fabrics containing natural fibres can fade slightly with each wash, we recommend that you wash all adjacent covers at once to avoid possible color differences. Local cleaning of the fabric is not recommended as the washed area may be left lighter that the rest of the fabric.

Fabrics containing natural fibres are highly sensitive to shrinkage compared to synthetic ones. This can cause problems, especially when placing shrunk, large, loose covers back on top of the furniture. Placing the loose covers is easier when the fabric is a bit moist still after washing. To avoid shrinkage, fading and streaking we recommend dry cleaning.


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