Info to our clients regarding Covid-19 – Updated!

Dear customers and collaborators,

 While the whole world is fighting against Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, we want to inform all our customers, suppliers, agents and collaborators that Lauritzon’s®remains partly open to ensure the best possible customer service during these exceptional times.

Naturally, our primary concern is to ensure the safety of all the people working at Lauritzon’s and their families – therefore we have reduced the staff to the minimum. Nevertheless, we will do our best to minimize any potential delivery disruptions and continue to give the best customer service possible.


We will act in different fields as follows:


 Customer service(orders & inquiries)

We have normal opening hours again starting from the 8.6.2020.

Orders can also be sent to:

Tel. +358 9 777 1800



We have normal opening hours again starting from the 8.6.2020.

Tel. +358 9 7771 8036


Lauritzon’s Shop(Kapteeninkatu 20-22, 00140 Helsinki)

We have normal opening hours again from the 1.6.2020.

Tel. +358 9 2727 0321


Showroom (contract and professionals)

The showroom is open Tue-Thu 9am-5pm.

Tel. +358 50 516 6562


A positive note in the matter is that Lauritzon’s has a good level of stock, and the main part of our suppliers are operating still. We ask as of now the understanding of all customers in case of delays in the shipment of goods, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. We will monitor the situation and update the information in case of changes.

Thank you in advance for your support. Stay well!


Best regards,

Rolle Lauritzon


Oy S.W. Lauritzon & Co Ab

+358 50 2864