Toulemonde Bochart

The French carpet company Toulemonde Bochart is a family company invented in the 70ies. Their luxury carpets are of very high quality and distinguish themselves from other carpets by their exclusive design. Toulemonde Bochart uses well known designers but as well young and promising, new designers. This way the company has always been a leader in the product design of carpets.

The social and ecological responsibility in the production of carpets is very important. These are responsibilities that Toulemond Boachart highly value and feel proud of for taking.
The collections of Toulemond Bochart consist mainly of hand-knotted-, hand-tufted- and hand-woven carpets. The price-quality relationship is excellent and by giving the opportunity to customize your carpet according to your individual preferences, the Toulemond Bochart carpets become unique pieces.

Toulemonde Bochart carpet sample pieces you find from Lauritzon’s Shop and Showroom

Toulemonde Bochart dealers

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  • Mikkeli Sisustussuunnitteluanne
  • Porvoo Vivante Home Interiors
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