The Italian family company Pugi R.G. was founded in 1907. Since 1982, the factory is specialized in manufacturing high quality technical fabrics for commercial spaces and the  contract industry.

All Pugi fabrics are flame retardant and meet quality standards required for public and commercial spaces.
In Pugi’s collection you find Trevira, Polyester FR, Kanecaron and wool fabrics. The collection has a wide range of different qualities from textured fabrics to velvet and light fabrics.

All Pugi fabrics are kept in stock in Italy and transports are done both as entire fabric lots and cuts. Even special colour’s are possible. Some of Pugis fabrics are also available in Lauritzon’s warehouse in Helsinki.
For more information about the fabrics for the commercial and public spaces, you can contact our showroom, our sales representatives or our shop.

You get more information about Pugi fabrics from our Showroom