Penelopeoggi leather

Italian Penelopeoggi’s quality leather comes from well-chosen European producers. Most of the skins come from the Netherlands and Germany, where the animals have plenty of room for grazing and the leathers are therefore as perfect as possible. Penelope uses only bull leather, which is best suited for upholstery use. Many furniture factories around the world use Penelopeoggi’s high-quality leathers. To maintain a high quality level, every piece of leather is tested.

Leather grades are through-dyed. Only white leather is top coated. The edges of the leather are cut neat and the thin edges are removed. The amount of wastage in Penelopeoggi’s leathers is up to 11-15% less than with other leather suppliers. All the leathers of the Penelopeoggi’s collection are in stock, so supplies are fast. Also the company’s customer service is very flexible.

Cleaning and maintenance of the leather is easy. A clean, light, soft cloth and neutral soap are often enough for cleaning.

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