CMO Paris

The name CMO comes from the words “Créations Marianne Oudin“. Marianne Oudin founded CMO in 1998 in Paris. Prior to that, Oudin served as director of Chanel’s studio, working together with Karl Lagerfeld. Oudin’s strong experience in both fashion and textile industries led to the establishment of her own company in the textile industry, but this time in the interior design industry.  

 Oudin has been traveling around the world and has acquired extensive knowledge of natural fibres and the craftsmanship associated with the manufacturing of fibres in various countries. This gave rise to the idea of offering textiles made from natural fibre materials for home interiors.  

 CMO is a pioneer of modern minimalism and naturalism. The company’s collections include beautiful and timeless furniture fabrics and wallcoverings made of natural materials. The sophisticated collections are suitable for upholstering for example blinds, panel curtains and seats. The wallcovering materials combine rich textures with a sense of light.  

 The products of CMO are handcrafted and the materials consist of vetiver grass, manila hemp, hemp, raffia palm, palm leaves and water hyacinth. It is important for the company to maintain traditional craft techniques and skills and to provide materials whose finesse lies in their structureIn CMO the natural fibres meet the best craftsmanship in the world.  

 CMO collections are available and can be ordered from the Lauritzon’s Showroom. 


CMO retailers

  • Helsinki Poiat Office Oy, Sisustus Camomille
  • Tampere Seinäruusu