Lauritzon´s represents many of the internationally most well-known companies in the interior textile and wallpaper industry. In their collections you find fantastic patterns, qualities, colour settings and styles, both for the home and for contract use. Almost all the companies represented by Lauritzon´s have collections with fabrics and wallpapers especially suited for contract use. The Italian company Pugi is one factory that is completely specialized in fabrics for contract use. Penelopeoggi is another company, represented by Lauritzon´s, that is specialized in high quality leather.

The French company Toulemonde Bochart is the carpet editor represented by Lauritzon´s. Their luxury carpets come in many different styles, materials, sizes and forms. They give you as well the opportunity to design your own unique carpet, according to your own colour, material and style preferences. The English interior design company Porta Romana is the wonderful lamp and furniture company represented by Lauritzon´s. Their products are of supreme quality and design.

Carpets and lamps