Lauritzon’s is a textile editor that put great importance on good design, colour coordination and quality. The collections colours, textures, material combinations and patterns are developed in Lauritzon’s own studio, in collaboration with many European textile producers. In this way, all textiles and products have a distinct Lauritzon’s look and feeling. Our collection consists of interior textiles of high quality which properties are carefully studied. Rolle Lauritzon works as Lauritzon’s head designer, while Lauritzon’s design team help to plan and coordinate Lauritzon’s collections.

Lauritzon’s collaborates with several Finnish designers and artists. Some examples from our collection are Erja Alander’s printed fabric Lehti and Maija Fagerlund´s Koivu and Kukka pattern. The collection also includes Patricia Hämäläinen’s oil paintings Garden, Plum, Pomegranate and Leaves, which are digitally printed on the Linosa quality.